Rick Simpson Oil: What is RSO and what is it for?

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Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a very potent dark brown/black oil made from the flowers of the cannabis plant. RSO contains numerous healing compounds and is unusually high in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). RSO’s name is Rick Simpson, a Canadian scientist and medical cannabis activist. When Simpson contracted skin cancer, he made cannabis oil (known today as RSO) and applied it to his skin, and after a few days, his cancerous spots were reported to have disappeared. Although there are early studies suggesting that RSO cures cancer and other forms of cannabis may help treat cancer, more conclusive evidence of their safety and effectiveness in humans is needed.

What is RSO?

Regarding the meaning of RSO, Rick Simpson oil is a unique high potency cannabis extract due to its high levels of THC. In states that have legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana, RSOs can be found at cannabis dispensaries. Simpson details how to create an RSO on his website.

What diseases is RSO used for?

Modern research suggests that RSO, along with other treatments, may help treat cancer. There is some evidence that cannabis oil, which contains THC, can help with chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, treat pain, and improve appetite. Although early research on the use of THC to treat cancer has been very promising, no studies have shown that RSO or other forms of cannabis oil can directly treat cancer in humans. Studies in animals have shown that THC can potentially stop tumor growth, stop cancer cells from spreading, and even kill cancer cells.

Although there is not a huge amount of direct evidence, RSO has also been shown to be effective in treating other conditions, such as:

chronic inflammation
High blood pressure
Infections (such as MRSA)
multiple sclerosis

How Rick Simpson Oil Works

RSO is an oily concentrate derived from isolating plant cannabinoids and plant material. That is, the resin and trichomes are separated from the plant. RSO has some similarities to hash oil and other cannabis concentrates, but tends to have higher THC levels than regular cannabis oil, making it more potent. Some studies have shown that a potent combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in high concentrations can “soak” cells in cannabinoids and fight cancer cells, thereby treating medical conditions such as cancer.

In a study titled “Cannabis Extract Treatment for End-Stage Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia with Philadelphia Chromosome Mutation” published in the National Library of Medicine, RSO was shown to help reduce certain types of cancer in children. However, she died of unrelated complications, making it difficult to evaluate the long-term effects of RSO. More research is needed on the subject before drawing any conclusions.

How to use RSO

In states where medical and/or recreational marijuana is legal, numerous companies sell RSO on the market, but Rick Simpson’s website recommends making it at home. It is recommended to use an indica strain using its relaxing properties to aid in healing. In general, making RSO requires mixing highly purified alcohol with cannabis, filtering the solvent to remove excess plant material, and heating the solvent to remove the alcohol and additional contaminants (while avoiding a naked flame). ). This creates a thick, sticky oil that can be used in many ways. It’s important to note that making an RSO at home can be dangerous and illegal in many locations. More information on how to make RSO secure can be found on Rick Simpson’s website.

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